Goodbye to spider veins, without operation

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One of the aesthetic treatments most demanded by women is to eliminate vascular lesions, a problem that already has a solution combining sclerosis by injection and laser, but always after performing an ultrasound to rule out a more serious venous pathology.

One has just tried treatment for telangiectasia or spider veins. He does it for an aesthetic question since these small blue and purple veins in his legs have created a true complex.

With each pregnancy, and there have been three, we have noticed more. It is very unsightly to put on a short skirt with these purple veins. In addition, men do care; her husband has made some comment about it.

Top Vein Doctors Near Me, a specialist in Vascular Surgery explains that so -called spiders or spiders are superficial vascular lesions affecting mostly women between 25 and 65 years old.

50% of women have these bluish or reddish veins in their legs, more persistent in those with jobs in which they are sitting for a long time or standing, or in those who have had more than one birth, although the hereditary component also causes its appearance, says Vein Specialist Near Me.

The treatment for these vascular lesions is based on two pillars: on the one hand, in the thicker bluish veins, a sclerosing substance, a liquid or gas in the form of foam that is introduced into these veins to close them is applied by injection, a procedure that it does not affect the rest of the venous capital of the leg. It is what is called sclerotherapy. On the other hand, redder and less important lesions are treated with a specific laser.

Treatment of sclerosis by injection

Result after applying sclerosis by injection.

According to the Best Spider Vein Doctor Near Me, a treatment of this type should not be performed without having previously ruled out a more serious pathology, such as venous insufficiency or an old or current venous thrombosis. To do this, vascular surgeons have a fundamental tool: the Eco Doppler, an ultrasound that allows us to see the veins that we do not see.

With Eco Doppler can be ruled out very reasonably that there is a deep problem that is giving rise to these superficial injuries, says Spider Vein Treatment Houston.

What are the side effects?

For the doctor, the spiders are so small that their treatment does not involve a risk. The venous circulation is like a tree, the trunk is the deep venous system with two important branches that are the saphenous axes, and from these come other smaller branches that are superficial veins with some leaves. In a healthy tree the yellow leaves would be the spiders that if they are taken out of the tree, they are still healthy, "he adds.

The side effects that derive from its elimination are those of any laser treatment, such as skin burns, although they are unlikely, according to the doctor, since it acts on the photochromic of the blood and not on the pigment melanin.

With respect to the treatment of sclerotherapy, hematomas or brown spots may appear relatively frequently in the puncture site, although in two or three weeks they disappear.

How To Remove Spider Veins

It's a miraculous thing the vein has disappeared in the moment. From now on, miniskirt, says this patient in the office of Dr.

The treatment with sclerosis has immediate results, while the laser requires that two or three scans are made on the same lesion until its total elimination. The probability of them coming out again in the same place is minimal.

With these new procedures, in a few seconds results are obtained and the patient can go home and lead a normal life, although the specialist recommends the use of a compression elastic stocking for a time after treatment.