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Using the lab notebook[edit]

A first starting point is the User's Guide of MediaWiki, which is the same software that Wikipedia uses. Most notably, you may find there the Markup Syntax and how to display formulas.

Typesetting mathematics[edit]

Typesetting of formulas is done using the Math extension, which is configured to use MathJax. This might change in the future, as typesetting with MathJax puts a high load on the client browser.

Writing and referencing theorems etc.[edit]

Of course, typesetting of formulas is not enough to write mathematics, we also need to be able to write and reference theorems etc. The extension for MediaWiki that allows us to do this is CrossReference. Since its use is very different from AMS environment in LaTeX, we, however, changed the behaviour of definition and theorem environments. Instead of having to (or being able to) specify where the label, i.e. "Theorem 1", goes, it is automatically put in front of the content. Moreover, definitions, theorems etc. share one counter per page. The rest of the crossrefencing extension is kept as is.

Soon, we will also add support for lemmas and proofs.


Support for citing literature is given by the extension Cite.[1] This extension alone does not have the possibility to generate bibliographical entries though. For this to happen, we will evaluate the BiblioTex extension and maybe use that together with Cite.

Feature Requests[edit]

If any further typesetting capabilities are required, please contact the administrators and we will see what we can do.