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Welcome to the cLab!

Just like the nLab, the cLab shall be a shared lab notebook, only with a focus on coalgebras, automata theory and related fields.

Why another lab notebook?

Just like notebooks made out of paper, once a new idea starts to grow, it becomes easier to develop it in a separate notebook. Since the theory of coalgebra is by now an established field in Computer science, and maybe Mathematics, with specialised conferences, we think that searching and discussing in a separate notebook eases entering and working in the field.

The cLab is of course not to be seen as a system that is isolated from the rest of the world, on the contrary, we encourage to use and work on pages in, for example, the nLab.


If you wish to contribute to the lab, here are some useful resources on how to do that. First of all, have a look at the About entry, so that you know what this lab is all about. Secondly, the HowTo might prove useful when you actually start writing.


If there are any technical problems regarding the wiki software of this lab, the persons to consult are Alexandra Silva (who rents the server) or Henning Basold (who takes care of the administration). Otherwise, no single person controls, surveils, or is otherwise in charge of the lab, it is entirely community driven.