List of Accepted Papers

Bart Jacobs. Learning along a Channel: the Expectation part of Expectation-Maximisation
Jules Chouquet. Taylor expansion, finiteness and strategies
Niels Voorneveld. Quantitative Logics for Equivalence of Effectful Programs
Robin Kaarsgaard. Condition/Decision Duality and the Internal Logic of Extensive Restriction Categories
Dariusz Biernacki, Sergueï Lenglet and Piotr Polesiuk. Diacritical Companions
Di Wang, Jan Hoffmann and Thomas Reps. A Denotational Semantics for Low-Level Probabilistic Programs with Nondeterminism
Linan Chen, Florence Clerc and Prakash Panangaden. Bisimulation for Feller-Dynkin Processes
Niels van der Weide and Herman Geuvers. The Construction of Set-Truncated Higher Inductive Types
Harsh Beohar and Sebastian Küpper. Bisimulation maps in presheaf categories
Liron Cohen, Sofia Abreu Faro and Ross Tate. The Effects of Effects on Constructivism
Bart Jacobs and David Sprunger. Neural Nets via Forward State Transformation and Backward Loss Transformation
James Laird. From Global to Local State, Coalgebraically and Compositionally
Edmund Robinson, Claudio Hermida and Uday Reddy. Deriving Logical Relations from Interpretations of Predicate Logic
Ugo Dal Lago and Francesco Gavazzo. On Bisimilarity in Lambda Calculi with Continuous Probabilistic Choice
Paige Randall North. Towards a directed homotopy type theory