CALCO 2015 Invited Speakers

  • Andy Pitts is the CALCO keynote invited speaker, joint with MFPS. He has made seminal contributions to the use of mathematical logic, type theory and category theory in the study of the foundations of programming language semantics. A recent significant contribution is the development of the theory of Nominal Sets, which provides a new mathematical analysis of names in computer science, based upon symmetry. Andy is a Professor of Theoretical Computer Science at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge and a fellow of Darwin College.
  • Chris Heunen works on the foundations of quantum computation, having made fundemental contributions in several topics in the area of categorical quantum models and logics. Chris's research involves the use category theory, functional analysis, and order theory. He is currently an EPSRC research fellow in the Quantum Group at Oxford University and Lecturer at St Hugh's College.
  • Matteo Mio works on probabilistic mu-calculi, expanding the game semantics of fixed-point logics with a quantitative dimention. His original contributions have been recognised with the 2013 Ackermann Award for his PhD thesis, obtained in 2012 under the supervision of Alex Simpson, and the 2014 Gödel Research Prize Fellowship in Logic in Computer Science. He is currently a CNRS reasearcher at LIP, ENS Lyon.
  • Daniela Petrisan's work has been influential in several different areas of algebra and coalgebra in computer science, including the algebra and topology of nominal sets, relation lifting, and the study of coinduction through fibrations. Recently, she has worked on the mathematical foundations of the coinduction up-to technique in a fibrational setting. She is currently a research associate at Radboud University, Nijmegen.