CALCO 2015 Programme





9:00 am

CALCO & MFPS joint invited talk

Invited talk, Corina Cirstea chair

Invited talk, Helle Hvid Hansen chair

Andy Pitts, Semantics of local names

Matteo Mio, Regular Languages of Trees and Probability

Chris Heunen, Cloak and Dagger

10:00 am

Coffee Break

Institutions, Corina Cirstea chair

Beyond Set, Helle Hvid Hansen chair

Ionuţ Ţuţu and José Luiz Fiadeiro, Revisiting the Institutional Approach to Herbrand's Theorem

Adriana Balan, Alexander Kurz and Jiří Velebil, Extensions of functors from Set to V-cat

10:30 am

New directions, Filippo Bonchi chair

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Thorsten Wißmann and Stefan Milius, Finitary Corecursion for the Infinitary Lambda Calculus

11:00 am

Toshiki Kataoka and Dusko Pavlovic, Towards concept analysis in categories: limit inferior as algebra, limit superior as coalgebra

Automata, Alexandra Silva chair

Traces, Bartek Klin chair

Liang-Ting Chen and Henning Urbat, A Fibrational Approach to Automata Theory

Stefan Milius, Dirk Pattinson and Lutz Schröder, Generic Trace Semantics and Graded Monads

11:30 am

Aleks Kissinger and David Quick, A first-order logic for string diagrams

Uli Fahrenberg and Axel Legay, Partial Higher-Dimensional Automata

Corina Cirstea, Canonical Coalgebraic Linear Time Logics

12:00 pm

Robin Piedeleu, Dimitri Kartsaklis, Bob Coecke and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Open System Categorical Quantum Semantics in Natural Language Processing

Jiří Adámek, Stefan Milius and Henning Urbat, Syntactic Monoids in a Category

Natsuki Urabe and Ichiro Hasuo,Coalgebraic Infinite Traces and Kleisli Simulations

12:30 pm




2:00 pm

Invited talk, Ichiro Hasuo chair

Fixpoints and corecursion, Stefan Milius chair

Monads, Lutz Schröder chair

Daniela Petrişan, Many-valued predicate liftings

Alexander Kurz, Alberto Pardo, Daniela Petrişan, Paula Severi and Fer-Jan de Vries, Nested Fixpoints — A Coalgebraic View of Parametric Dataypes

Paolo Baldan, Filippo Bonchi, Henning Kerstan and Barbara König, Towards Trace Metrics via Functor Lifting

2:30 pm

Johannes Marti, Fatemeh Seifan and Yde Venema, Uniform Interpolation for Coalgebraic Fixpoint Logic

Maciej Piróg, Nicolas Wu and Jeremy Gibbons, Modules over monads and their algebras

3:00 pm

States and Effects, Ichiro Hasuo chair

Paul Blain Levy, Final coalgebras from corecursive algebras

Shin-Ya Katsumata and Tetsuya Sato, Codensity Liftings of Monads

Bart Jacobs, A Recipe for State-and-Effect Triangles

3:30 pm

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

4:00 pm

Operational Semantics, Dusko Pavlovic chair

CALCO Early Ideas Session 1, Alexander Kurz chair

CALCO Early Ideas Session 2, Barbara König chair

Bartek Klin and Beata Nachyła, Presenting morphisms of distributive laws

Julian Salamanca, Equations and Coequations for Weighted Automata

Stefan Milius, Dirk Pattinson and Thorsten Wißmann, The Locally Finite Fixpoint

4:10 pm

Baltasar Trancón Y Widemann and Michael Hauhs, Scientific Modelling with Coalgebra—Algebra Homomorphisms

Ulrich Dorsch, Stefan Milius and Lutz Schröder, Generic Expression from Predicate Liftings

4:20 pm

Claudia Chirita, José Luiz Fiadeiro and Fernando Orejas, Hues of Satisfaction: Many-valued Institutions for Constraint Specification

Renato Neves, Logics and Calculi for Cyber–Physical Components

4:30 pm

Clovis Eberhart, Tom Hirschowitz and Thomas Seiller, An intensionally fully-abstract sheaf model for pi

Clovis Eberhart and Tom Hirschowitz, Presheaves for Processes and Unfoldings

Wataru Hino and Ichiro Hasuo,Varieties, Quasivarieties and Prevarieties: Completing the Picture

4:40 pm

Luis Monteiro, Determinization and Bialgebraic Semantics

Nicolas Behr and Tobias Heindel, Rule-Based Linear Operators and Rule-Algebras

4:50 pm

Joost Winter, A Yang-Baxter-like condition for distributive laws over endofunctors and co-pointed endofunctors