Accepted Papers

1. Filippo Bonchi, Stefan Milius, Alexandra Silva and Fabio Zanasi. 

    How to kill epsilons with a dagger - a coalgebraic take on systems with algebraic label structure

2. Tomasz Brengos. 

    On coalgebras with internal moves

3. H. Peter Gumm and Mehdi Zarrad. 

    Coalgebraic Simulations and Congruences

4. Sebastian Enqvist and Joshua Sack. 

    A coalgebraic view of characteristic formulas in equational modal fixed point logic

5. Bart Jacobs. 

    Dijkstra Monads in Monadic Computation

6. Wolfram Kahl. 

    Categories of Coalgebras with Monadic Homomorphisms

7. Henning Kerstan, Barbara König and Bram Westerbaan. 

    Lifting Adjunctions to Coalgebras to (Re)Discover Automata Constructions

8. Robert Myers, Jirí Adamek, Stefan Milius and Henning Urbat. 

    Canonical Nondeterministic Automata

9. Baltasar Trancón Y Widemann. 

    Towards Systematic Construction of Temporal Logics for Dynamical Systems via Coalgebra

10. Baltasar Trancón Y Widemann and Michael Hauhs. 

    Algebraic-Coalgebraic Recursion Theory of History-Dependent Dynamical System Models