CMCS 2016 Accepted Papers

Ekaterina Komendantskaya and John Power. Category theoretic semantics for theorem proving in logic programming: embracing the laxness
David Sprunger. A complete logic for behavioural equivalence in coalgebras of finitary set functors
Bart Jacobs. Affine Monads and Side-Effect-Freeness
Ievgen Ivanov. On Local Characterization of Global Timed Bisimulation for Abstract Continuous-Time Systems
Fredrik Dahlqvist. Coalgebraic completeness-via-canonicity: principles and applications.
Mehdi Zarrad and H. Peter Gumm. Transitivity and Difunctionality of Bisimulations
Joost Winter. Product Rules and Distributive Laws
Luigi Santocanale. Relational lattices via duality
Julian Salamanca, Marcello Bonsangue and Jurriaan Rot. Duality of Equations and Coequations via Contravariant Adjunctions
Octavian Babus and Alexander Kurz. On the logic of generalised metric spaces