Virtual Workshop

Discussion Forum

One pillar of the virtual workshop is the discussion forum. The purpose of the forum to allow discussions at individual pace and across time zones. This forum will be available during and after the workshop. You can create an account there or log in using a GitHub or Google account. The forum supports typesetting of formulas and runs on Free Flarum, a community-run installation of the open source forum software Flarum. If you have any questions or requests about the forum, you can contact us trough the forum or send an email to Henning directly.

The way we will use the forum is by having a category (primary tags on the left side) for each talk, under which we will organise the discussion of the talk. Anyone can register on the forum, effectively the workshop registration, but we will moderate registration to make sure that there is no spam.

Pre-Recorded Lightning Talks

We have three categories of talks: lightning talks, live talks and invited talks. The lightning talks are pre-recorded videos and form the second pillar of the workshop. The  videos can be accessed through the entry of the corresponding talk. At the same place, also a direct link to the  discussion of the submission in the forum can be found.

Live Sessions

The third pillar are two live sessions. These live sessions will be held on 28 and 29 May 2020 using Zoom. The Zoom data is available here after signing up to the forum (you have to be logged in).

During the live sessions, the invited talks and the contributed live talks will be given. Additionally, we have a short round of discussions on the first day, and we end the workshop on the second day with a panel on future development of methods inspired by relational and logic programming.