Accepted Papers

  • Jonas Forster, Lutz Schröder, Paul Wild, Harsh Beohar, Sebastian Gurke and Karla Messing: Graded Semantics and Graded Logics for Eilenberg-Moore Coalgebras
  • Victor Iwaniack: Automata in W-Toposes, and General Myhill-Nerode Theorems
  • Ryota Kojima, Corina Cirstea, Koko Muroya and Ichiro Hasuo: Coalgebraic CTL: Fixpoint Characterization and Polynomial-time Model Checking
  • Serge Lechenne, Clovis Eberhart and Ichiro Hasuo: A Compositional Approach to Petri Nets
  • Fosco Loregian: Automata and Coalgebras in Categories of Species
  • Koko Muroya, Takahiro Sanada and Natsuki Urabe: Preorder-Constrained Simulations for Program Refinement with Effects
  • Aloïs Rosset, Maaike Zwart, Helle Hvid Hansen and Joerg Endrullis: Correspondence between Composite Theories and Distributive Laws
  • Takahiro Sanada, Ryota Kojima, Yuichi Komorida, Koko Muroya and Ichiro Hasuo: Explicit Hopcroft’s Trick in Categorical Partition Refinement
  • Ezra Schoen, Clemens Kupke, Jurriaan Rot and Ruben Turkenburg: A Categorical Approach to Coalgebraic Fixpoint Logic
  • Ruben Turkenburg, Harsh Beohar, Clemens Kupke and Jurriaan Rot: Proving Behavioural Apartness

Accepted Short Contributions

  • Adriana Balan and Silviu-George Pantelimon: Optics, Functorially
  • Filippo Bonchi, Elena Di Lavore and Mario Román: Effectful Trace Semantics: Extended Abstract
  • Flavien Breuvart, Quan Long and Vladimir Zamdzhiev: On the Centre of Strong Graded Monads
  • Nathan Liittschwager, Stelios Tsampas, Jonathan Castello and Lindsey Kuper: Coinductive Reasoning about CRDT Emulation
  • Benjamin Plummer: Finitary Traces in Two-Player Games
  • Kazuki Watanabe, Clovis Eberhart, Kazuyuki Asada and Ichiro Hasuo: Category Theory for Compositional Verification