List of Accepted Papers

Full Papers

Tao Gu and Fabio Zanasi. A Coalgebraic Perspective on Probabilistic Logic Programming
Nick Bezhanishvili, Jim de Groot, and Yde Venema. Coalgebraic Geometric Logic
Jirí Adámek. On Terminal Coalgebras Determined by Initial Algebras
Marc de Visme and Glynn Winskel. Causal Unfoldings
Filippo Bonchi, Jens Seeber, and Pawel Sobocinski. The Axiom of Choice in Cartesian Bicategories
Vincenzo Ciancia and Yde Venema. Omega-Automata: A Coalgebraic Perspective on Regular Omega-Languages
Henning Basold. Coinduction in Flow: The Later Modality in Fibrations
Gerco van Heerdt, Tobias Kappe, Jurriaan Rot, Matteo Sammartino, and Alexandra Silva. Tree Automata as Algebras: Minimisation and Determinisation
Samuel Balco and Alexander Kurz. Nominal String Diagrams
Astrid Belder, Bas Luttik, and Jos Baeten. Sequencing and Intermediate Acceptance: Axiomatization and Decidability of Bisimilarity
Danel Ahman and Tarmo Uustalu. Decomposing Comonad Morphisms
Stefano Gogioso. A Diagrammatic Approach to Quantum Dynamics
Graham Campbell, Brian Courtehoute, and Detlef Plump. Linear-Time Graph Algorithms in GP 2
Sergey Goncharov and Paul Blain Levy. Coinductive Resumption Monads: Guarded Iterative and Guarded Elgot

Tool papers

Paul Wilson, Pawel Sobocinski, and Fabio Zanasi. CARTOGRAPHER: A Tool for String Diagrammatic Reasoning
Mihai Codescu. Hybridisation of Institutions in HETS

Early Ideas

Henning Urbat. An Algebraic Approach to Automata Learning
Samson Abramsky, Rui Soares Barbosa, Martti Karvonen, and Shane Mansfield. Simulations of Quantum Resources and the Degrees of Contextuality